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Metro Metal Recycling is your scrap metal center in the Albany area for prompt service, precise weigh-ins, and cash on the spot. Specializing in eco-friendly vehicle disposal and appliances recycling, we pay top dollar for your aluminum scrap, steel scrap, copper wire scrap, and more. From junk cars removal to appliance recycling, we’re your team!

  • Fluid tanks that store hazardous materials for Metro Metal Recycling. When junk cars are processed, the fluids are safely stored here for future processing.
  • Scrap copper wire ready to be recycled by Metro Metal Recycling
  • Equipment working at Metro Metal Recycling's scrap yard
  • Junk car being processed at Metro Metal Recycling's Albany scrap metal yard. The junk cars are drained of all fluids during this step. Afterward they will typically be fed through the shredder and turned into scrap metal.
  • Owner Ryen at Metro Metal Recycling's Albany scrap yard. He's standing on a pile of junk cars ready to be recycled for scrap.
  • Heavy equipment at the Metro Metal Recycling scrap yard with several junk cars in various stages of recycling
  • Scrap metal ready to be processed by Metro Metal Recycling
  • Bailed scrap metal processed by Metro Metal Recycling