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Metro Metal Recycling is your scrap metal center in the Albany area for prompt service, precise weigh-ins, and cash on the spot. Specializing in eco-friendly vehicle disposal and appliances recycling, we pay top dollar for your aluminum scrap, steel scrap, copper wire scrap, and more. From junk cars removal to appliance recycling, we’re your team!

Scrap Metal Recycling

Take a good look around your house. Chances are you have a treasure trove of scrap metal just taking up space in your closets, garage, basement, or attic. You might not realize this, but that old appliance, that banged-up car, and those stainless steel pots and pans you haven’t used in years are perfect fodder for metal recycling. If you’d like to turn all of those unwanted castoffs into cash for scrap metal, make the easy trip to Metro Metal Recycling today!

Gold isn’t the only secondhand metal being bought for cash in the Albany area. Here at Metro Metal Recycling, we pay handsomely for products containing scrap metal copper, iron, titanium, and other valuable materials. Just because a machine no longer runs or an item has lost its luster, that’s no reason to miss out on the metal recycling potential—and cash for your pockets. The larger your load of scrap metal, the bigger windfall you stand to collect from our local scrap metal dealers.

Call around to compare rates. Then, bring your scrap metal collection to Metro Metal Recycling for on-the-spot cash transactions. We welcome just about any kind and quantity of scrap metal, including:

  • Metro Metal RecyclingJunk cars
  • Home appliances
  • Used lawn mowers
  • Copper scrap
  • Aluminum scrap
  • Iron scrap
  • Titanium scrap
  • Tin scrap
  • Metro Metal RecyclingStainless steel scrap
  • Brass scrap
  • Bronze scrap
  • Pewter scrap
  • Steel scrap
  • Wiring (stripped and unstripped)
  • And more!

You’d be surprised by how much stuff you can find when you start to rummage through your household clutter and identify pieces for metal recycling. With Metro Metal Recycling as your scrap metal dealers, you’ll get an accurate weight on the way in and the way out. We use NYS-certified scales to measure your scrap metal collection. You can even watch as your items are on the scale, in order to confirm your correct cash payment.

Scrap Metal Weigh and Pay Boxes

For our Albany-area commercial customers, Metro Metal Recycling offers scrap metal services with weigh and pay boxes. Instead of you making the trip to our metal recyclers, we’ll drop off collection boxes at your site to fill as you run your business. Ideal for machinists and other professionals that work with specific metals on a regular basis, our weigh and pay metal recycling makes it easy to receive payment for your scrap materials. When your box is full, we’ll use a crane to lift and weigh your scrap metal. All you do is pocket the cash!

Swing sets. Outdoor furniture. Filing cabinets—they’re all great sources for metal scrap recycling. See how much cash potential you have stashed around the house: Call Metro Metal Recycling today!

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